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Dear Friends of Armenia,

Let me take a moment to thank you for not only serving in Peace Corps, but also for continuing with the Third Goal by being a member of the Friends of Armenia online.

We are holding our annual elections and are accepting nominations for the following positions:

President:  lead the organization, providing strategic direction and serving as an ambassador to external/internal groups to fulfill the mandate of FOA.  Facilitate the successful execution of all FOA program initiatives and endeavors.

Secretary-Treasurer:  Take notes from board meetings, maintain documents in shared document folders, report on the financial situation of FOA at all board meetings, maintaining all financial accounts and agreements with grant recipients.

Technology Officer:  maintain all digital and technology properties of FOA, including all areas of email, website, and social media properties.

Membership Officer:  work with the active and lapsed membership base to grow our footprint in early and recent groups of RPCV and PCV classes/groups.  Lead strategic initiatives that grow our membership base, and inspire a sense of community amongst members.

Communication Officer:  administer all strategic and ongoing communication activities, including the FOA newsletter, social media properties, communication with Post and front-end website publishing working in conjunction with the Technology Officer.

Email nominations to

Nominations due: December 15th

Announcement of candidates: December 17th

Receiving input on candidates from membership: December 22

Announcement of new board members: January 1st.

“Serving with FOA is a great experience and with a motivated group of colleagues, or even friends, I know personally that you'll have an amazing time bringing assistance to the people of Armenia, continuing our collective legacies of service, as well as serving as a positive force for building community with RPCVs and other vested stakeholders.  Submit yourself today for a position to take the organization to the next level”.  -Robert Dietrich, former President FOA

Board members are unpaid, and commit to a minimum one-year term not to exceed a five-year duration.


Vanessa Bowie Rankin (A16)

Posted on Nov 11, 2013 in General

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