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Summertime in the Pink City

Is there anything more wonderful than enjoying a glass of tan on a hot day in one of the numerous outdoor café’s of Yerevan? Or using a mixture of Armenian, Russian and English to discuss the newest art exhibit at the Cascade? Or enjoying an impromptu hortovatz down by lake Sevan?  I’m sure you can identify with my experience that not a day goes by that I don’t have a vivid memory of my time in Armenia. As an RPCV, I choose to serve on the FOA board because it gives me an opportunity to thank the Armenian people by approving small grants for innovative projects that enhance their quality of life. We are the Friends of Armenia, because our time in that far off little country has changed us, and I encourage you to continue to say thank you to the people of Armenia, by submitting innovative mini-grant ideas and by renewing your membership.

2013 promises to be great, as funds were submitted to assist with an Art camp in Gyumri, GLOW camp, and with the generosity of Sean Reynolds (A16), BRO camp. This month we welcome Kevin Crookshank (A18) as our Communications Officer, and Peter Weems (A18) as the Chair of the Grants Committee, which includes Terri Pohl (A16), Patrick Findler (A16), and returning members Lindee Johnson (A15) and Maggie Woznicki (A18).

As always we welcome input as to the direction of the Friends of Armenia and I greatly, thank the board; Wayne Burt (A16), Hedley Bond (A18), David Coe (A17) and now, Kevin Crookshank(A18) for their wisdom and hard work.


Vanessa Bowie Rankin (A16)


Posted on Aug 21, 2013 in General

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