Community Grant Program

FOA Community Grants support community, youth, business, health and human development projects, as well as humanitarian service projects, in the Republic of Armenia. United States Peace Corps Armenia Volunteers and / or FOA members work collaboratively with local Armenian individuals and groups to implement projects through the Community Grants Program.

Who can apply?

Both U.S. Peace Corps Armenia Volunteers and their counterpart organizations, as well as independent Armenian organizations may apply.  Armenian organizations may be formal or informal, but should be active and be able to demonstrate their dedication to development and positive change through past activity(ies).

What are the requirements of an FOA Community Grant?

FOA Community Grants may involve a U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer or an FOA member and a counterpart Armenian organization, or solely an established Armenian organization (with PCV or FOA monitoring) implementing a community, youth, business, health and / or human development project, or humanitarian service project, in the Republic of Armenia.

Grant recipients are expected to:

  • Maintain communication for the life of the project, with each other and with the FOA Grants Committee
  • Treat grant funds as a sacred trust
  • Maintain clear and accurate accounting

All joint projects must have active PCV / FOA member participation and oversight.  Active participation can include:

  • Managing project funds
  • Visiting the project site on an as-needed basis
  • Sharing information via correspondence
  • Sharing expertise
  • Purchasing, shipping, or distributing items purchased
  • Publicizing the project in Armenia and in the United States

Projects implemented solely by Armenian organizations must have a monitoring plan including a PCV/FOA member.  PCV/FOA member participation can include:

  • Visiting the project site on an as-needed basis
  • Maintaining communication with the project implementers

What projects are eligible for a FOA Community Grant?

FOA Community Grants fund projects that benefit a community in need. Many projects fall within this broad scope; certain items and activities are not funded through the program, including:  salary expenses, utility expenses, dedicated “driver” expenses, and/or religious / political activities. If you are unsure of the eligibility of your project, please contact the Grants Committee

What are the funding limits?

There is no minimum or maximum grant request.  However, requests for larger dollar amounts (i.e. $1000+) must provide more-detailed and well-researched proposals. We also accept proposals for as little as $20. An application for such micro-grants, while still needing to meet all requirements, may be very concise.

What makes a strong application?

Good proposals are those that are convincing, honest, demonstrate a clear, well-reasoned proposal and are submitted on time.  Applications that show in-kind contributions of money, resources, and assets and demonstrate community investment and ownership will be given a preference.  Applicants are also encouraged to seek in-kind donations from other grant-giving organizations to broaden and deepen the total activities and impact of the project (if appropriate). The Grants Committee will give preference to project proposals that can demonstrate a plan to leverage FOA funding to secure additional grant support. We want to stress that while we strive to avoid bureaucracy, we are very serious about content and deadlines.

How and when to apply

The deadline for applications is typically the beginning of December, every year. Individuals and organizations interested in an FOA Community Grant should email or to be kept abreast of updates, or join as a member of FOA for consistent information on FOA activities and program offerings.

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