Book Bowl *Update*

On February 14, 2011, the Nerkin Khndzoresk and Veriv Khndzoresk village schools began competing in the Book Bowl Reading Competition. PCV Katie McKillen and her counterparts Hermine Dilanchyan and Natela Gomazeryan organized the contest with the funds from an FOA grant.


Teachers and librarians used the competition as a way to get students learning outside the classroom. Students from grades 3 through 12 spent more than two months reading as many books as possible and writing summaries of what they read.


At the end of the competition in April, those grades with at least 50% participation attended a pizza party where they received books for their schools. Taking first place was the Nerkin Khndzoresk 10th grade class which read an average of 7.2 books per student and had 100% participation!


 Thank you FOA donors for supporting this project!

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