2011 Community Grant Recipients

Lejan, Lori Marz: $1,425
Improvements to a local bee farm will help sustain operations and scale it to accommodate market demands, while providing a social investment in the local community.
Purpose of Project: (1) Build shelter to protect bee houses during winter, (2) Build 30 bee houses to replace old, decaying houses, (3) Provide breakfast, with additional community help, and portable heaters to kindergarten, (4) Sell honey for profit.
Khndzoresk, Syunik Marz:  $983
Students from both Khndzoresk villages will compete in a three-month challenge to focus on reading and learning outside the classroom. In coordination with the school’s librarians and activity directors, students will get the option of selecting the books and topics they wish to read.
Sevan, Gegharkunik Marz:  $128.48
The project has two broad components: developing and maintaining a website and using business cards as a tool for networking. The website’s primary purpose is to provide general information about Sevan Youth Club including services, opportunities and upcoming projects and events. The intended purposes of the business cards are to increase networking capacity and professional appearance and practices at SYC.
Vardablur, Lori Marz:  $121.24
A workshop on volunteerism will be conducted for students at Vardablur Secondary School with two components:  a lecture on volunteerism and its benefits; and implementation of a volunteer project to paint a world map as part of a beautification project for the school.

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