Classroom Renovation at Verishen

Classroom Renovation at Verishen

The teachers at Verishen school and I are seeking funds to renovate a classroom at the school in Verishen, a village near Goris in Syunik marz, Armenia. Our ultimate goal is to renovate a classroom at the Verishen village school and furnish and equip it to serve as a language lab for teaching German, Russian, and Armenian. The first stage involves renovating a classroom that is shabby and drafty, with inadequate lighting and no power. Once the renovation is under way, additional funding from other sources will be sought to furnish the lab, with chairs, desks, teacher table, whiteboard, blackboard, cupboard, bookshelf, curtains, and equip it with a small library, a computer and overhead projector, educational posters and charts, and earphones. The project goal is to provide students and teachers at Verishen School with a fully-equipped and functioning classroom for teaching languages.

I was a volunteer at Verishen from 2010 to 2012 and this project was planned before I left. Accompanying this request is a project summary, and estimates for the renovation in English and Armenian.

This project needs your support. Please contribute, either by clicking the Donate button, or sending a check to Wayne Burt, as described on the donation page. In either case please label your donation with “Verishen.” Thank you.

Hedley Bond, A18

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