Vardavar 2010

Washington, D.C./Baltimore - June 27, 2010:  From left, Robert Gobble (A-13), Mary Fischer-Gobble (A-13), Pamela Parnell (A-14), Will Stoecker (A-14), Betty Tham (A-14), Krystal Lea (Moldova RPCV), Eric Friesth (A-13), Patrick Hart (Former PC-Armenia Country Director), Warren Wilson (A-13) with baby Nare, Sveta Wilson, and Will Romine gather for "khorovats."


Warren and Will tend the fire. 


Will, Robert, Mary, and Betty enjoy the company of friends.


Dallas/Fort Worth - July 24, 2010:  Clockwise from left, Bonnie Barron (A-12), Leigh Sanders, Daniel Goodin, Kyle Gifford (A-14), and Sara Barnes share a meal at the Russian restaurant, A Taste of Europe.   



Kyle approves of the food! 


Boston - July 24, 2010:  From left, Melissa Breazile (A-13), Andrew Ensz (A-13), Karen Woods (A-11), and Nick Giammaria (A-12) gather for a toast at FOA's first Boston area Vardavar!   


Jesse Joseph (A-13), Jenny Zeisler (A-13), Melissa, Andrew, and Karen watch as Nick Giammaria (A-12) pours Jennifer Carter (A-13) a drink. 



 Seattle - August 7, 2010:  From left, gracious hosts Brett and Laura Holt (A-12s) with Ethan and baby Autumn, David (A-14) and Eloise Barshes (A-15), and Sarah and Dominic Monley (A-14s) hold their beloved Grand Candy. 


Brett, Ethan, David and "shun" brave the rain.   

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